1st International Perinatal
TOTAL Health Congress

Perinatal TOTAL Health: The First Thousand Days of Life

Innovations and Transdisciplinary Collaborations

27 - 30 June 2018

Sinaia, Romania
57,087 page views

e-Poster guidelines

If your abstract has been accepted by the Scientific Committee as an e-Poster presentation, please design your electronic poster according to the guidelines and recommendations below.
The e-Posters will be presented exclusively on electronic devices and will be displayed all throughout the Congress in the e-Posters area.

To have the e-Posters displayed, the presenting author must register for the Congress (by filling in the online registration form and paying the registration fee).

e-Poster guidelines and recommendations:

 Mandatory format: PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)
 Mandatory orientation: PORTRAIT
 Mandatory size: Width: 11.25 inch (28.57 cm, 1080 px), Height: 20 inch (50.8 cm, 1920 px)
 It is recommended that you organize your content in the following sections: Introduction and objectives, Material and method, Results, Conclusions
 Recommended fonts: Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman
 Recommended font size for the title: 22 pts.
 Recommended font size for authors and their affiliations: 18 pts.
 Recommended font size for the content: 14 pts.
 For a better visibility, it is recommended that you use bright fonts on a darker background.To enhance the quality of your presentation, it is recommended that you insert graphics and photos to sustain the content of your paper.
 Maximum accepted size: 20mb / e-Poster 

Video formats

If your e-Poster includes videos, please send them as separate files to the Congress secretariat, when sending your e-Poster.

If you have movies embed in your presentation, please use the following recommended formats: 
• MPEG4-AVC using H.264/AAC (.mp4) 
• Windows Media Video (.wmv)

Other accepted, but not recommended video formats:
• AVI (.avi) - supports a limited number of CODECs 
• MOV (.mov) - QuickTime videos are the least compatible, it is recommended that you do not use them.

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