1st International Perinatal
TOTAL Health Congress

Perinatal TOTAL Health: The First Thousand Days of Life

Innovations and Transdisciplinary Collaborations

27 - 30 June 2018

Sinaia, Romania
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Doina Cozman
Co-Chair Organizing Committee

Doina Cozman is a professor of Psychiatry and Mental Health at the Department of Clinical Psychology, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hatieganu” Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 

She is involved in the research of suicidology for over 20 years. Professor Cozman founded the first organization of suicidology (Anti-Suicide Alliance, 1995) and the first crisis line -Tel Verde Antisuicid (2013) in Romania. She was for many years National Representative of Romania in International Association for Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention. She was awarded in 2011 with Krepelin-Alzheimer Medal from Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich as recognition for her merits in the research of suicidology. 

She participated as Romanian Principal Investigator in two large projects funded by EU 7th Framework Program: SEYLE and WE-STAY regarding the prevention of suicidal behavior in adolescents in Europe. 

Professor Cozman has a rich publishing activity in different languages (Romanian, French, English) being author and co-author of monographs focused on suicidal behavior and mental health (Suicide Prevention in Romania, in D. Wasserman and C. Wasserman (ed.) Oxford Textbook of Suicidology and Suicide Prevention; Suicidology, Cluj University Press; Medical Psychology, Polirom, etc.).  She also published more than 70 articles cited in international databases, including Lancet’s article (in 2015), Lancet Psychiatry (2016). 

She was also involved in researches about psychotherapy in depression, anxiety and suicidal risks.

Professor Doina Cozman is the CEO of Romanian Alliance for Suicide Prevention. She is also President Elect of Romanian Association of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.