1st International Perinatal
TOTAL Health Congress

Perinatal TOTAL Health: The First Thousand Days of Life

Innovations and Transdisciplinary Collaborations

27 - 30 June 2018

Sinaia, Romania
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Nicolae Suciu
Congress President

Nicolae Suciu is a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Medicine and Pharmac “Carol Davila,” General Manager of the Institute for Mother and Child Care “Alfred Rusescu,” and Head of the Polizu Hospital in Bucharest, Romania. He was elected as the President of Romanian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2014.

Dr. Suciu graduated from the University of Medicine “Iuliu Hateganu” Cluj in 1981 and obtained his specialization in Ob/Gyn in 1987. He was awarded his Ph.D. in 1991. He has been a member of AAGL since the annual meeting in November 1994, held in New York. During the Exchange Training Scholarship (World Bank) under the supervision of Prof. David Olive, Chief of Reproductive Endocrinology - Yale University, he focused on minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, attending most AAGL meetings and Global Congresses.

With AAGL support, Prof. Suciu and other enthusiastic endoscopic gynecologists founded the Romanian Society of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery (SRCMIG), the first Romanian medical society to develop and promote minimally invasive gynecological techniques.

The 2012 International Meeting with AAGL in Bucharest was a great success, with more than 800 participants and an up-to-date agenda which included the most current practices in gynecology for the benefit of Romanian women. As Deputy President of SRCMIG, Prof. Suciu supervised, promoted and gave support to the development of regional MIGS centers in the main university cities, using a unitary curriculum that followed the AAGL model. Since its foundation, SRCMIG has increased the number of MIGS practitioners offering references and live surgery broadcasts such as Surgery U, which provides a good opportunity to interact with worldwide leaders of MIGS. Being a known national leader in MIGS, Prof. Suciu was able to bring together many recognized speakers from both sides of the Atlantic at the 2014 National Congress in Timisoara. Included were leaders such as Vadim Morozov, M. Jonathon Solnik, E. Cristian Campian, Adrian Balica, Nucelio Lemos, Vasilious Tanos, Marco Puga, Yves Van Belle, and many other co-nationals and specialists from neighboring countries.

Prof. Suciu is known as a pioneer in MIGS in Romania. He has many followers, particularly among the young specialists who, according to him, are the power behind the spread of MIGS within Romania. 

In the last years, along with the Board of Romanian Ob-Gyn Society, he promoted Mother and Child Care policies for Health Ministry Commission. As a national leader in medical health programs, he supported evidence-based medicine and cross-border cooperation through international congresses and regional meetings.